So, we did finally did it. It almost didn’t happen. Between dropping off and picking up the kids at school to taking DW’s artwork to the gallery for the community art stroll to rushing back to the house so she can breast feed the baby before MIL gives him a bottle… we almost didn’t make it. We were just about ready to get on the freeway when we remembered. Quick, flip a U-turn, right at the corner, and then choose a parking spot away from the street. In the front doors and back to the enclosed adults only zone.

Among the requisite 2 foot long over-sized dongs, “lifelike” (ha ha) pussies, and a rather imposing sex swing was a wall full of vibrators. The girl that ran the back room was quite helpful, answered questions, provided input, and everything you would expect as if you were shopping at a high-end retailer. I am always surprised at how nonchalant and ordinary the employees at sex shops seem to make purchasing a sex toy feel. Just like buying a pair of running shoes.

On her recommendation, we were leaning in the direction of the “We-vibe” but hadn’t made up our mind between it and a couple others. The topic of conversation drifted to the g-spot orgasm when DW mentioned that she had never had one and thought that it might be just a myth. You should have seen the shocked look of disbelief on the employee’s face at this news. “Oh!” she exclaimed, “You have to get this one then!” She took the Lelo Gigi off the rack and placed it on the counter while earnestly describing its features and ability to hit the G-spot. SOLD.

Off then after that to finish the errands and the rest of the day. Cant wait to open the box and join DW to try Gigi out. But with the chaos of kids and life, it looks like we have to wait until the next day.


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