OK, Five days in a row! All this sex is going right to my crotch and I am getting hornier by the minute! All day long all I can think about is how I can’t handle waiting until 11 F’ing thirty at night after the kids are in bed. I want her now!

My penis is raging and tingling constantly. I feel like I am going through that 12 year-old puberty stage where the slightest provocation makes it start to swell into bonerdom.

Unfortunately though, today is not a day that our 4 year-old is in pre-school and the 3 month-old doesn’t want to nap for more than a little while, so it is not until oh-so-late in the evening that we are alone and can get something going on. DW is sending a very long text message to one of her friends so I go to the drawer and get Gigi/Lelo out of her bag. I decide to experiment a little with it and place it on the tip of my penis. Hmmm, it doesn’t feel quite as intense as last time. I cycle through the 5 different “modes” and none of them are all that different. None of them are doing it for me. I am a little confused because I had been so damn horny all day and now I am having a hard time getting a stiffy.

DW comes to the rescue though and takes Gigi for her self. She agrees that it isn’t feeling as powerful and we conclude that it must be in need of a charge. It is still strong enough to do the job for the moment and provides DW with a nice O.

By the time DW has finished, she has gotten me back in horny mode and my dick is getting hard. It is still a little bit tough though. Because of my massively huge, biggest ever cold sore I can’t really kiss her and we are finding it harder to do much foreplay and that is making a difference. I am really, really, really missing that part of our love making! Can’t wait for the damn thing to heal up.

We start to have sex, in basically missionary position, but I am having a little harder time hitting the right spot despite my horniness. Shift a little here, shift a little there, and soon I am in kind of a crazy squatting/straddling variation of a game of twister. But it is working. Suddenly, it feels like a rapid fire shotgun has gone off in my dick and I have 4 strong and quick explosions  shooting through my body. They drain me and I collapse back to the bed. I think it might take a while for my knees to recover from that one.

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