The evening started off simple enough. We are kicking back on the bed, finishing up our posts from the night before. We had the lights off because #3 was asleep in his crib across the room. Writing my post about day 7 was starting to give me a boner so I took off my clothes and played with myself as I typed. When I finished my post, I closed the laptop and we read our recent posts together on my cell phone in the darkened room.

I caressed her legs and labia and she started up Lelo. When my cock got hard, she asked if I wanted to go inside of her. I’m not going to turn down that invitation! As she massages her clit, I insert the tip of my penis into her warm vagina. I love the way it feels when I first enter her. The way she wraps around my dick so perfectly.  Yum!

For a while, we do this. She has Lelo massaging her pussy and I am slowly moving in and out of her. I play with my balls and run my fingers around her labia, across her thighs and up her torso to her breasts and perfect neck. We are pretty quiet, except for moans of pleasure here and there. Just the darkness and our bodies, and the feel-good nature of slow gentle sex. Then her moans get more intense and she cums. Her legs squeeze around my ass and her pussy pulses tightly on my dick with the contractions of her orgasm.

After she cums, I slide in deeper, feeling her clitoral mound pushing against me. The smooth and silky sensations are cascading like waves where we grind together. My penis is wrapped up in a blanket of lush softness. She feels totally relaxed and the little bumps inside her vagina tease my sensitive penis like nothing else. I am loving every second of this closeness and don’t want this to stop. I am falling into her whole body when my orgasm explodes. One of those intense, slow-motion explosions. The kind that carries you away into a dream that goes on forever.

But what I am really trying to say is: “Damn, that was good!”

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  • She Said says:

    Seriously? You need to become a porn novelist. Or is that stuff in Romance novels? I’ve never read one. Madre de Dios!