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Day 22

Last night I was approached by the DH early, right after the kids went to bed at about 9:30.We finished about 10, showered and in bed by 10:30. Aaaaah! In bed early, so crazy! And so nice. It did help since baby woke up every 1 hour and 45 minutes throughout the night.

We had a pretty normal day except that I got a pedicure from a great friend and we had a few drinks this time. DH picked me up, we ordered Pizza Hut, discusting I might add, and put the kids to bed. I was trying to write the previous night’s post, but was having a hard time concentrating. So I was happy to be coaxed into going to bed early.

DH and I were laughing and snuggling and I said that my vagigi needed a break from the previous nights ho down on my clitoris, so I didn’t try too hard for an orgasm for me. But DH was loving whatever was happening with himself and was super into all the movement and vibrations we were doing. DH came with firecrackers and a marching band in the background. He also said as he was about finished with his orgasm, “You can laugh now.” Haha! That made me laugh! DH’s O was so intense and I wasn’t in laughing mode just yet when he blurted out this request. LOL. I love my husband.


Nothing says sexy like being covered in shit. And nothing says “Oh Shit” like hearing a loud gurgling noise coming from the bathroom. And nothing says “SHIT” like spending four hours draining the house’s backed up plumbing, cleaning out clogged pipes, and then washing the floors and counter tops where all of the sewer water had flooded. And then I crawl into bed at 3:00 AM.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, even at 3 AM, but this time I am exhausted and just want to go to sleep. Duty calls though, and we did commit to this challenge. Thank God my DW is a trooper and as soon as I get showered and into bed, she is working on my penis. Within no time at all, she has gotten me hard and is sucking on me like a porn star. The tiredness begins to fade just a little and this feels great. But the fog of exhaustion is constantly battling with my libido for control over my mind. Twice, I catch myself almost passing out but being kept in the game by my awesome wife.

We transition to straight sex and things are good. She is tight and wet. (I think she is ovulating and that always makes for a slippery va-gi-gi.) The good feeling is there but the exhaustion is winning and my back is hurting from spending so much time bent under the sink. It takes a lot longer than I would hope and eventually I have to throw in the towel.

We snuggle up together and I tickle her back for as long as I can…. But I am sure I was asleep in mere seconds.

Twelfth day of XXX-mas

The days fly by! Busy with kids, work, & life…. I am actually writing this (And days 11 & 13) on Wednesday night because we have been so swamped that neither of us has written out our posts. I don’t even remember off the top of my head what happened on Monday during the day and into the evening. I am sure it was busy though because I do remember though that we had some fun sex at night…. late that night.

But the details are fuzzy. I am hoping that more come to mind as I write. I am remembering that I went to the store for groceries and made a monstrously huge batch of my famous fresh salsa for DW’s book club get-together on Tuesday. Then had to spend an inordinate amount of time doing dishes and cleaning up the mess.

I know was looking forward to getting in bed with my hot wifey and a little frustrated that we are getting to bed super late again. Worried that #3 will wake up early again, but thank God, he does not.

Things are finally finished up and we get in bed. We kiss and caress and fondle each other. I am aroused and half-erect but takes a minute longer for me to get totally hard. Not too long though. We are laying on our sides and I go inside her. She is nice and wet. She plays with my balls and between my legs, totally turns me on. Pretty soon, we are just about in “scissors” position and grinding against each other’s crotches. Her moans and sounds are getting me off in a big way. We fuck harder and faster and I cum.  It was not as strong as last night but pretty damn good!

She opts not to try for an orgasm again. I am a little bummed because I love being with her when she does. But it is now well past midnight and we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.


OK, Five days in a row! All this sex is going right to my crotch and I am getting hornier by the minute! All day long all I can think about is how I can’t handle waiting until 11 F’ing thirty at night after the kids are in bed. I want her now!

My penis is raging and tingling constantly. I feel like I am going through that 12 year-old puberty stage where the slightest provocation makes it start to swell into bonerdom.

Unfortunately though, today is not a day that our 4 year-old is in pre-school and the 3 month-old doesn’t want to nap for more than a little while, so it is not until oh-so-late in the evening that we are alone and can get something going on. DW is sending a very long text message to one of her friends so I go to the drawer and get Gigi/Lelo out of her bag. I decide to experiment a little with it and place it on the tip of my penis. Hmmm, it doesn’t feel quite as intense as last time. I cycle through the 5 different “modes” and none of them are all that different. None of them are doing it for me. I am a little confused because I had been so damn horny all day and now I am having a hard time getting a stiffy.

DW comes to the rescue though and takes Gigi for her self. She agrees that it isn’t feeling as powerful and we conclude that it must be in need of a charge. It is still strong enough to do the job for the moment and provides DW with a nice O.

By the time DW has finished, she has gotten me back in horny mode and my dick is getting hard. It is still a little bit tough though. Because of my massively huge, biggest ever cold sore I can’t really kiss her and we are finding it harder to do much foreplay and that is making a difference. I am really, really, really missing that part of our love making! Can’t wait for the damn thing to heal up.

We start to have sex, in basically missionary position, but I am having a little harder time hitting the right spot despite my horniness. Shift a little here, shift a little there, and soon I am in kind of a crazy squatting/straddling variation of a game of twister. But it is working. Suddenly, it feels like a rapid fire shotgun has gone off in my dick and I have 4 strong and quick explosions  shooting through my body. They drain me and I collapse back to the bed. I think it might take a while for my knees to recover from that one.

Day 3

Ya know, I have to say I am going to have to get used to the language that my husband is using in these posts. We can sometimes talk like this during love making, not usually all the words he’s using, but these words must be going through his head, right? It’s funny, because I am usually the vocal one, and the one that uses most of the nasty words. But for some reason I am feeling a little shocked, or uneasy about it. I am sure things will change.  Either I’ll get used to it and start using the same language, or he’ll tone down? Time will tell.

Last night we were watching a football rivalry game and getting into that and realizing how tired we were and how late it was, I didn’t want to do it. I said, I’m so tired, I don’t want to do it. And my DH said okay! WHAT? Okay? I said, Hell No! We are doing this! We cant quit now! What are you thinking?! I couldn’t believe he could quit after two days, or skip a day. Maybe he’s overwhelmed by the daunting task of having sex everyday for 1 year?! 🙂 WE are tired most of the time. But we are in this, I am in this, and we are doing it! Hell yes!!! I feel like it’s going to change us, bring us closer, bring us to the point of Magenta!

We had the kids sleep in their room so we could do it out by the TV on the made up bed that the kids slept in the night before for a “sleepover” with each other. Our baby sleeps in our bedroom. We were so tired and DH almost gave up, and that gave me more of a determination to DO IT. It ended up being so fun, for me at least. We were laughing and playing around. I decided to wait a day on the clitoral stimulation, to help it recover from last night. I was wetter and it was feeling really good. I wasn’t sure if he would be up to it, but he got into it and was having fun. I’m not even sure what made it fun. Maybe it was because we were in a different bed, a sleepover bed,not in our bedroom, the huge window that anyone if they tried could look in. The TV was on, a rare occurrence, but a great game just ended, and I was feeling loopy. Good times 🙂