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Day 29

Wahoo! We finally had sex during the day!!! It’s been so long. The first week of our challenge we had sex during the day, but lately it’s at 2 in the morning. Unless you are in your twenty’s. or thirty’s without kids, 2 in the morning is not fun.

We got our middle boy into afternoon preschool and our infant asleep, finally, in the same time frame. ¬†We were so excited, we were skipping into the bedroom. Yes, literally skipping. We were naked so fast and into the cozy bed with fresh sheets and cool air all around us so we had to snuggle more. We were almost giggling. DH got another cold sore yesterday, so that puts the kissing thing at minimum, or more like a side kiss. So we have to touch more all over the bodies, which isn’t so bad. We are so excited and turned on by the minute we can hardly contain the movement. We brought the lelo vibrator into the bed with us and the ky liquid and I start to put the ky on and DH has turned the lelo on high. I start using the Lelo and not knowing if it will work or not. It’s a day to day experiment. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work. It was feeling so good and it was in the course of an orgasm, and I thought there was a chance of orgasm. But in the past, sometimes it just stops and there is no feeling. But not today! ūüôā I have the vibrator on the side of the clitoris, as that works best for me, usually the left side of it. It was building and building and building and I thought it couldn’t build anymore, but it did, and then some more, and the pre-orgasm is feeling awesome, and then finally the pinnacle of the orgasm and then the rush of orgasm heaven. What we have worked for, what we have achieved, and what we are lucky enough to feel. An orgasm is really sent from heaven. ¬†It is the¬†ecstasy¬†of all ecstasy’s.

DH got inside of me and I was ready for him. It was slow and sensual¬†throughout¬†the whole love making. I used my lelo on me and him. I was thinking I may have another O, but sometimes when DH is in me it distracts the orgasm. We are loving it, DH is loving it. He is going slow, and I did ask if he was okay, wondering if his back hurt or something. When I asked and his face was in pure heaven, I didn’t question after that. DH then went into a very long “oh my god” repetition, including the saying of my name, which doesn’t happen often, and a few more “Oh’s”. It then ended with a long ending of noises and faces of wonder and a laugh or two from the both of us.

Sex is so much fun. It’s fun to think about now. We were both renewed and excited about sex. We are¬†definitely¬†going to do our best to have sex during the day when hopefully most of the kids are out of the house. It’s a good wish.


We are in the bedroom,¬†snuggling¬†up chatting, and kissing a little. I am totally horny and loving kissing her. I start to caress and kiss her body all over and she is liking it. I work my way to her inner thigh and¬†eventually¬†to her pussy. Soon I have my face buried in her sweet, wet pussy. It tastes and smells so incredibly good. I start out lightly, brushing against her outer lips and the space between her thighs and pussy. She is moaning and very receptive. After a little bit, I am licking around her labia, into her vagina and up around her clitoris. I spend a timeless evening of pleasure sucking, licking, kissing and enjoying every inch of her¬†lusciousness. I don’t want to stop.

Sometimes she can cum when I am licking her pussy and I hope that tonight will be one of those times. Every once in a while, she makes a noise or movement that makes me think that things are moving in that direction. But then there are times where she is giving no response at all. The good responses happen frequently enough to keep me going and I aint complaining. But after a little bit, the good responses are less frequent and I am starting to get a little kink in my neck so I have to stop. But it was so nice to be there while I was.

We kiss a little and I play with her with my fingers. “Don’t you want to put your penis inside?” she says. Well, of course I do. But I didn’t want to just go straight for it like a brute. But now that she mentions it…. So we are having sex. It is slow and yummy. Feels really good. The sensations are hovering just a little below orgasm for a long time, but for some reason can’t seem to get over the¬†threshold. I try variations on the position but nothing seems to get it there. Now, I begin to worry about what if I can’t cum and decide to stop while I am ahead and still enjoying it. It seems a little awkward.

Why do I always have to have an orgasm for sex to be sex? Hundreds of thousands of women don’t have orgasms during sex and it is ok. Maybe it is just in my head,¬†but it seems that society pins the male orgasm as the defining hallmark of the sex act. It was really good feeling sex and I¬†thoroughly¬†enjoyed it. Yes, I love cumming and would love to do it all the time, but sometimes it is OK just to have sex.

Day 3

Ya know, I have to say I am going to have to get used to the language that my husband is using in these posts. We can sometimes talk like this during love making, not usually all the words he’s using, but these words must be going through his head, right? It’s funny, because I am usually the vocal one, and the one that uses most of the nasty words. But for some reason I am feeling a little shocked, or uneasy about it. I am sure things will change.¬† Either I’ll get used to it and start using the same language, or he’ll tone down? Time will tell.

Last night we were watching a football rivalry game and getting into that and realizing how tired we were and how late it was, I didn’t want to do it. I said, I’m so tired, I don’t want to do it. And my DH said okay! WHAT? Okay? I said, Hell No! We are doing this! We cant quit now! What are you thinking?! I couldn’t believe he could quit after two days, or skip a day. Maybe he’s overwhelmed by the daunting task of having sex everyday for 1 year?! ūüôā WE are tired most of the time. But we are in this, I am in this, and we are doing it! Hell yes!!! I feel like it’s going to change us, bring us closer, bring us to the point of Magenta!

We had the kids sleep in their room so we could do it out by the TV on the made up bed that the kids slept in the night before for a “sleepover” with each other. Our baby sleeps in our bedroom. We were so tired and DH almost gave up, and that gave me more of a determination to DO IT. It ended up being so fun, for me at least. We were laughing and playing around. I decided to wait a day on the clitoral stimulation, to help it recover from last night. I was wetter and it was feeling really good. I wasn’t sure if he would be up to it, but he got into it and was having fun. I’m not even sure what made it fun. Maybe it was because we were in a different bed, a sleepover bed,not in our bedroom, the huge window that anyone if they tried could look in. The TV was on, a rare occurrence, but a great game just ended, and I was feeling loopy. Good times ūüôā

Day 2

Damn, I think I hurt myself the first day with the LELO! I went for 2 orgasms. I’m so greedy! Wait, I’m going to have dh check me out. Yes, I stretched the top of my labia, like stretching your skin too much, ouch. I’ve never done that before. It probably was the 2nd O. I didn’t have “water-based” lubricant like the vibrator tells you to use so you don’t ruin it. I wasn’t wet enough. It’s the damn no kissing, and not enough foreplay.What am I? a virgin, and having sex for the first time? You don’t go straight for the kill. I know that.

I think we are just too excited for all this newness of sex. Hmmm, having sex every day for a year, and BLOGGING about it! What was I thinking? I think this was my idea yesterday. I guess I am bored in my life and need some excitement. I’m sure this blog and trying to hide who we are, I think for at least a little while, or forever, will give me a few adrenaline rushes.

Like I said, we fondled each other, laughing again, wondering if the kids were really asleep. We start the new vibrator, and it’s good. I put it inside of me to get wet and bring it out onto my clit, and it’s good, real good. It’s definitely a different feel and a different vibrator than I’ve had before. It goes slow and deep, and my O was slow and deep and long. AAAAH! It’s been a couple weeks. We’ve been using hands and mouth the past few months, the good old fashioned way. I do like good old fashioned, but an O from a vibrator is different and fun, not always better, but always good.

I tried the vibrator on him, putting it on the top of his penis. I couldn’t tell if he liked it or not. I kept asking him if I was hurting him, and if he kept wanting me to keep doing it. He said he liked it, but that it was different, that it was penetrating him deeply, and that he liked it. He could hardly talk. We went right into having him inside me, I was wetter than yesterday, but not as wet as normal. We kept laughing and pretending to kiss, damn.

He’s not allowed to touch my nips right now, as I am breastfeeding and when touched it feels as if they are being sliced with knives. So, that doesn’t go over well with the turn on factor. I guess rubbing my legs and inner thighs and vagigi is going to have to do. We may have to explore a bit.

He came quick, but a drawn out orgasm, and always a good laugh at the end and ghost kisses, for now.

Good, clean fun! haha!

The first post about “doing it.”

OK, I am horny. I am a guy. My wife turns me on.

I have been thinking about her all morning. She is off taking the kids to school or running an errand or both. I don’t remember for sure. But it seems like it has been forever since we had sex and masturbating in the shower doesn’t quite do what she does for me. Doesn’t even come close.

I know this for certain because I squoze one off in the shower just the other day. Ho-Hum. Seems like I don’t mastubate all that much either. Am I getting old? Or is it just because one of the kids could potentially burst in the door to the bathroom at any minute? Remember the good old days in my 20’s when I could wank off 3-4 times a day and then still have sex afterward?

But back to the point… I NEED my wife today. I have spent the morning trying to focus on work but there is an urgency in my crotch that is quite distracting. ¬†I actually spent a few minutes (ok, 10-15) looking at some porn but all it did was make me more horny for HER. Its hard to work when your dick is stretching your shorts.

FINALLY, she comes home. I had forgotten this detail, but she had gone on a walk. She showers. I am in the kitchen grabbing a snack when she comes in naked, with her wet hair hanging over her shoulders. Fuck she is sexy.

“What’s going on?” She asks.

“I want to have sex with you!”

The baby is asleep in our bedroom and my in-laws could burst in to the living room at any moment (more on that later). The only rational choice is the boy’s bunk bed. (Yes, they are at school, thank God.)

Giggling like a kid, strip off my clothes on the way down the hall. Hit the lights (see in-laws) and on to the bottom bunk. I want to lick her pussy so bad but I have a damn cold sore so that’s out. My dick is standing up and feeling huge as I play with her moist pussy. I am getting hard right now just thinking about the way it feels running my fingers around her shaved labia and up from her vagina to her firm clit. I am rubbing her while she rubs my cock and my knees bang into the wall next to the way too skinny single bed. She guides my dick into her pussy and slowly I move in and out as she gets more wet. I am in a push-up position on top of her and her legs are spread up as far as can be in the cramped space. We laugh at the close quarters but try to ignore the wall. We don’t have sex for long before I cum inside of her. Oh God, this is a good one! My head jerks back and brushes against the underside of the top bunk. A little further and I would have had a goose egg. My orgasm seems to last forever while my whole body spasms and then my knees and arms go weak.¬†Yum!

I still feel a bit guilty though whenever I get to cum and she doesn’t. ¬†Holding the push-up position as long as I can, I stretch to reach the always just-out-of-reach box of tissues. While we clean up we lament the fact that her vibrator had quit working (cord shorted out after 6 months, dammit) and resolve yet again to go to the sex-shop and get a new one. A good one this time!

Day 1

We didn’t know this would be our first day at our 365 day quest of sex once per day, but it was as good a day as any. We just had our 3rd and last child, hubby had a vasectomy while I was pregnant, I just finished my first period since giving birth, and we had hustled the kids to school and our infant was sleeping peacefully in our bedroom. We had to have sex. There was no choice. But where? We live in the basement of my parents house, they could come down anytime. I’d just gotten out of the shower after my daily walk, I didn’t want to do it in the shower. The boys room it was. We’d never done it in there. Top or bottom? Bottom and me on bottom this time. He had a cold sore, so no kissing. Bummer. We do a little caressing and laughing and fingers on the clitoris. I don’t get very wet. I think I need the kissing. Not always the case. I know the orgasm for me isn’t gonna happen, so I say, go inside me. It takes a minute, but it starts to feel good and get wet and we get into the groove. I’m into it, but I know I’m not going to have an orgasm, so I think I want to hurry things up, I’m worried I’m not wet enough and may hurt later. But then it’s fun, it’s always fun, and I love watching him. He suddenly is going to come and he whips his head up and I think he hit his head on the bunk above us. I try to hold my laugh in until he’s finished cumming, and I almost make it. We both laugh every time we finish sex, pretty much every time he cums. It’s so funny. It’s so intense and so hilarious at the part he climaxes. It always looks like he’s going to hurt himself. We like to laugh, that is a release, too. We decide after that we should really start this challenge we’ve been wanting to do for 5 years. We go that day and get another vibrator for me.¬† My other one we had since Christmas shorted out a few weeks before the baby was born. Looking forward to seeing how the hot pink LELO works!