I am sitting in bed, writing my posts of the past three days and feeling horny. She is sitting at the desk on the other side of the room, naked, writing her posts. I so wish that she was sitting here next to me so I could grab her and kiss her and make love to her.

Then the baby wakes up… DW’s cousin has a newborn that sleeps 8 hours straight. Her sister’s youngest started sleeping through the night at 2 months. WTF. Why did all of our kids insist on waking up every 2-3 hours???

After baby is back in his crib, I attack DW before she can leave the bed and go back to the computer! We snuggle up to each other and start to kiss, and of course it feels super good. I am lusting after her body hardcore and I dedicate fondling, caressing, and kissing every inch of her body. I am pleasantly surprised that she is letting me do this for so long. She is ticklish (seems like in a good way), giggling, and squirming, and getting covered in goose bumps…. and WET.

After a little bit, she grabs my penis and pushes it into her vagina and we are having sex. It is feeling really great and seems to be turning her on a lot too. I am always so much more “into it” when she is turned on and showing it. Before too long, I am ready to cum and it is a powerful one. My body spasms as I am doing the final thrusts while my orgasm is building and it is concentrated in the tip of my penis. It explodes and I am left totally weak from the pleasure.

She doesn’t want to use the Lelo tonight, and that makes sense. I can imagine it must be really frustrating when it doesnt work that well. We snuggle up together though and fall asleep with a smile.

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