Day 16

Oh wow! Tonight was go down on my pussy night! Yes, I said it! I had to give credit, as credit was due to the ol’ husband.

It doesn’t help that I had a couple of drinks tonight, as we were at a social engagement that involved alcoholic beverages. I was overly tired and not in the mood to do anything but turn over and fall asleep. We started kissing and next thing you know, DH is down there in pussyland. It feels really good and I am loving it, but I know instantly it probably is not going to happen. I wasn’t in the mood to tell him that and I also wasn’t in the mood to stop it. I thought, well, hell, if he wants to do this, let him have at it. I was really enjoying it and was in the moment and not thinking much besides that the tongue action was feeling good.

If I’ve had more than one drink, than I have a harder time having an orgasm. It really just depends. I like having sex without having alcohol in my body. I used to like having sex with alcohol in my body, but that is not the case anymore. I feel more physically and emotionally connected with my husband without alcohol in my body. But sometimes sex is fun without inhibitions and liquor can really heal a sex deprived and cold relationship. Not always, and not every day, but every once in a while. Moderation in all things, right? Since I am so perfect, I thought I would throw that one in.

We start to have sex with penis inside vagina, and it feels great. I am thinking for sure we will end with an orgasm on his end. But no. Dangit! Why can’t he cum? Buggarooni. I know he is loving it, and he has just been giving me oral sex for the past who knows when, he has to be horny! This night has to end with “I’m cumming!”

Why do I get irritated when he doesn’t cum? It’s more of a rarity when he can’t. But not lately since we are having sex everyday. I reach orgasm less than he does, on a regular basis. I’m sure I could have an orgasm every time I use the super duper powerful vibrator, but I don’t care to. I like trying different things. I really like having an orgasm orally or with DH using his fingers, or me using my fingers while husband is participating. These methods don’t always have the outcome of an orgasm, but the orgasm is more organic and real. I just like it better.

So neither of us reach an O, but it was fun trying and I am sure we will try again. It can’t hurt to try.


One Response to “Day 16”

  • He Said says:

    I can still taste you when I close my eyes! 🙂 My mouth waters just thinking about it. Can’t wait to do it again.