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Day 19

There are days that I get bugged at my husband, and yesterday was one of them. If I get mad at him I will not want to look at my the DH and for sure  not want to have sex with him. I decide not to get mad. I change my attitude. I don’t want to have sex with someone I can’t stand to look at. Yuck! I choose to let go so I can enjoy sex tonight. This is huge for me.

We were finishing up posts last night when DH says something to get me to look at his computer. He has a big rock hard penis standing straight up staring at me. I start to laugh and say “Wow! That is huge! I haven’t seen that in a while before sex.”  He asks if I want to post a picture of it. I say, “No, but I will take some photos of it.” I took a bunch of photos of it with Instagram. Just kidding! Just on my phone. Note to self…transfer these photos to the computer “special” file, soon, so I don’t accidentally show the mom at school my new baby photos, but instead gets a photo shot of a penis staring at her. We close up our computers and head into the bedroom.

We snuggle face to face and hug and squeeze and caress each other. DH starts to kiss me and starts with a lick of the tongue then quickly changes using his lips first. He says sorry about the tongue action when I react fast with a bunch of licks to his lips and we both belt out with laughter. This makes the licking funny and the laughter puts us right in the mood to have sex. I love having fun with him, life is so much more enjoyable!

DH has an instant boner that is raging. He had been horny all day, and let me know this throughout the day. We continue laying on our sides kissing, making-out, and caressing each other everywhere. I am super wet, as I am ovulating which helps with my lubrication and my horniness. We can’t wait to put his penis inside me. I have my left leg pretty much in the top scissor position to get his penis almost all the way in. It’s difficult to get the penis all the way inside of me with this side scissor position. We are loving it, and I am dripping all over him and me. I am caressing his balls and the base of his penis and a brush or two of his perineum if I can reach that far. I hate it when I can’t reach those areas, as I know he really likes me to touch them, but some positions do not allow me to easily get to them. I did caress his “luscious zone” as DH likes to call it. The Luscious Zone is the area of the front hip that is apparently called the “groin” area. The top of the hip area down to the top of the inner thigh. That soft spot of skin that is smooth and makes a diagonal line heading towards the love scepter, or penis. As soon as I touch the groin area, DH reaches orgasm.

We start to kiss after and he did the tiny tip of tongue lick thing he does, so I slobber all over his lips with wet tongue and kisses and we break out in laughter all over again, saying how much we love each other and how fun that was.