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Twenty Five

Lazy morning with the kids, Sunday BBQ at my parent’s house, come home and get the kids in bed and then to our nightly routine of hanging  in the living room and writing out blog posts. I am several days behind and trying to catch up. I write the posts for days 20 and 21. It is frustrating trying to remember all the details of what we had done and how things happened. (I still have to finish up days 22, 23, & 24.) Even right now as I write about “last night”, all the days seem to blur together as I try to pull together the details. DW is having trouble too. She isn’t as far behind as I am but can’t seem to get started writing. As the hours pass by, it is suddenly 1:00 AM and we decide to head to bed.

We hop into bed and I snuggle up behind her. Tired as always but looking forward to seeing what the last few minutes of the day might bring. I joke that technically, it is already tomorrow so we could just go to sleep and finish it in the morning. But I am not serious and DW feels so nice and warm as I am spooning with her. I begin caressing her body and running my hands over her delicious curves. I feel her inner thigh, hips, and groin with my fingertips as our bodies rub together and both of us are getting more turned on. She turns towards me and grabs my erect penis as we kiss.

We are laying on our sides, facing each other, as I begin to enter her. She puts her left leg up over my shoulder and I grab her ass as we make love. She is in an extreme splits position and is squeezing me tighter than I can ever remember.  Literally so tight that I thought she had her hand squeezing me with all her strength. The sensation was incredible and I felt as if I was going to cum at any second.

I must have been thrusting a little too hard though because my left buttock cramped up. We changed position slightly so that I was straddling her lower leg and moments later, being rocked by passion of the moment, I was nearly ready again. But this time, my back!! Good grief!! I shift to the other side a little more. My right leg is kneeling on the bed frame and my left is balancing me as I try to ease in and out. “Focus on the pleasure, ignore the pain…  Focus on the pleasure, ignore the pain…” It seems to be working. I am so ready to explode and my orgasm is starting to build. But then some hellspawn demon stabs a knife into the right side of my groin as I thrust. I am not sure if it is a pulled tendon/ligament/muscle or if I have just ripped open my old hernia repair, but it hurts. Dammit! This is not fair! I was so raging horny and so ready to cum, and it was ripped away.

Frustrated beyond belief, we are forced to call it a night. And right on cue, the baby wakes up.

Day 25

Today was a day about the in-laws. We had a family lunch that we spent the day at their house hanging out with everyone and all the kids playing. It was a lot of fun and good bonding time.

Day 25 and we are having sex, yet again. We came home from a day of family and had a few moments of chill out time. I cannot focus on finishing my blogs from the past couple of days, but my DH can. We finally go to bed at around midnight. DH and I are snuggling and loving being together. We are feeling good and DH is hard and I am wet. We get into a really good side position with my left leg over his right shoulder so I am in a great scissor position. DH is loving it and asks me later what the hell I was doing in that position. I don’t know, I say, just a side full split, that’s all. 🙂

We change positions of the side split sex, since DH’s butt or pelvis is hurting. DH goes on top of me and we are having some good action and we are girating in rythm and I think any moment DH will cum. We are going at it for a bit, but have to stop every once in a while because of some sort of pain or another. He tells me later that he got an  ass cramp on the side, and maybe tore a groin muscle of some sort when he was on top of me. This is too bad and so sad.

We stop having intercourse and I go to the bathroom to clean up. DH is frustrated and feels bad about not finishing and is still horny, I can tell. I hate this. We are forty years old and we feel like we are 60 and sometimes 70. We are going to change this. He’s got to get his skinny body into shape. And I have to get my large ass body into shape. That’s the plan!

Day 12

Yay! I went walking today. I don’t know how I got up and did it. I had about 3-4 hours of sleep, as I think my infant is getting his brother’s cold. And I had the middle kid get into my bed about 4 times to warm up and sleep. MK, middle kid, usually does this when he isn’t feeling well. He used to do it every night, but it gets less and less because I have had to tell him with the new baby that I need my sleep. It hurts me to send him back to his bed, since I know this stage only lasts so long, but I have to if I want to keep what ounce of sanity I have left. I love my boys.

I also went to weight watchers today. I meet up with a friend which gives me accountability. I didn’t want to weigh myself, but I did. I lost 1/2 lb. Wahoo! It’s a start. I was really good about writing down my points the first two days, then I got overwhelmed with reading my book for bookclub, and writing a blog entry daily, and having sex…and taking care of 3 children. I get 35 points a day because I am breast feeding right now. I got to about 70 points the first day and I stopped counting. I have probably been averaging 100 points a day these last few months and not even realizing it. I am so hungry with baby and tons of cravings. I don’t know how breast feeding moms lose weight while breast feeding! I only start losing weight after I stop breast feeding. And I don’t want to wait another year to lose the weight. I want to be at my goal weight in one year. Accountability works for me. Let’s see if the wawa (Weight Watchers) works like the sex accountability works.

I thought of every other option of trying to have book club somewhere else tomorrow night. I wanted to have bookclub at someone else’s house, an amazing cabin hook up, a hotel or the perfect restaurant. Nothing sounded right or felt good. It was a combination of cleaning my house, and having it in the basement of my parents house that sends me to thinking of other places. I love hosting parties and love hosting bookclub. And my bc has been here several other times. It’s just that I want my own house!!! I finally decided I was having BC at my house and to get going on the organizing and cleaning. It feels so good to have an organized house. Organized house, organized life. I always think when I have people over that I need to have people over more often. If I didn’t entertain, I would never have a clean house.

It was late again on the sex thing. Last night was good with kissing and a happy ending. I hoped tonight would be too. It was. We did some sort of scissor position which was fun and we hadn’t done in a while. I didn’t try for an orgasm, I guess just too tired. 🙁