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Day 20

Wahoo, Day 20! Wow! It doesn’t seem like a lot of days, but it is for us in a row. 345 days to go!

I think that I have a piece of ripped skin, like from a blister, inside my upper mouth from the blow job I gave my husband last night. Where else would I have gotten it? DH thinks it’s from the hot coffee I had a couple days a go, but I only remember that burning my tongue.

We had a lovely late night last night fixing some plumbing problems that ended with a clean up until 2 in the morning. Nothing like cleaning shit to get you in the mood. 🙂

I wasn’t really in the mood to make-out, so I started sucking on hubby’s penis instead. I do love giving a BJ. I knew DH was tired but I knew he was enjoying it to, even though he probably wanted to fall asleep. We went into missionary position and variations of this popular position. We were both enjoying and had sex for a while, longer than I thought we would last. I finally asked him while I heard him moan with some pain, probably back pain, I hope, “Do you need to stop?” I would normally be bugged and take it personally that he didn’t cum, but I realize that we can’t control everything, and to enjoy what we have and make the best of all the sex we are having.

We did stop and get into spooning position. I got my book out and read hoping for a little back tickle. I got one! Even at 3:00 am my sweet husband gives me a back tickle for as long as he can. I married above myself.