Round 2

Once the kids were in bed and the baby stopped crying in his crib, DW and I sat down to make our blog entries for yesterday’s sex. I was dying to read what she wrote and at the same time, getting a boner thinking about what I was writing.  It was tough to keep typing and not turn over and start fondling her.

With yesterday’s post out of the way, it was time to get down to business. DW pulled the Lelo out of its case and I gave it a quick baptism with soap and water before its first communion. DW turned it up to full power and started to move it towards her pussy. Nervous, it took a few tries before she got up the nerve to place it on her clit, but she got it there. I caressed and tickled her inner thighs, ass and labia while Gigi did her magic on DWs clit. It seemed like it took less than 1/4 of the usual buzzer time before DW was cumming. She had a good strong one and laid back on the bed. She pressed Gigi against the tip of my penis and the feeling was intense. Very different from the feeling of other vibrators we have had. It was like it penetrated past my skin, deep into the full length of my shaft. I think that given enough time I could have cum but I wasn’t certain and I was really wanting my wife. Before I could do anything though, Gigi was back on DWs clit and she came again! Less strong, but equally fast. I could feel the vibrations of the Lelo through DWs leg as it lay on top of my hard penis.

With my cock throbbing, I got on top of her. She wasn’t as wet as yesterday but slowly we worked her natural lube out from within her vagina until I was completely inside her. I fucking love the feeling of her wrapped around me! Every bump, ridge, and crease feels so good!

It must have been the residual effect of Gigi’s vibrations but within a couple minutes of fucking I realized that I had just hit the point where there is no pulling back from cumming. Damn! I had wanted to make love longer than this. Bu ah well, let’s just enjoy the orgasm. So I let loose. It wasn’t as powerful as yesterday but it was nice and long with a good finish.

And oh, how I can’t wait for this stupid cold sore to heal and go away! I need to kiss my lady!

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