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Well, if I was caught up on all of my old posts, I would be ahead of DW. She always seems to be ahead of me in getting these posts done and I think that I am going to have day 31 done before her! But alas, I still have to get caught up on days 22, 23, & 24. Yikes. I hope I can remember what happened!

This day is Saturday. Another busy one too. Both boys have sports activities and both of them at the same time. DW takes #2 to his baseball game and I take #1 to football while grandma watches #3 napping.Then we meet up at the community center for soccer, followed by a visit to the library where the kids check out way too many dvds to take home. The rest of the afternoon is eaten up at home with watching the movies, doing homework, and trying to catch up on prep for a pitch to a new client next week. Before you know it, the day is gone.

We had set up the futon for the boys to sleep out in the living room again, but DW and I wanted to hang and chat, watch shows, and work on our posts. So we tuck the kids into our bed and claim the room as our own. Time gets ahead of us though and soon it is after midnight. Not to be deterred however, we strip down and get on the futon.

We enjoy some foreplay and begin to have sex. Unfortunately though my back is acting up a bit and making trouble. I change positions to ease the pain, but the change causes DW to start to dry up. This is not good, and just before I am going to suggest some k-y I get a shooting pain in my back that makes it impossible to continue. Bummed.


The evening started off simple enough. We are kicking back on the bed, finishing up our posts from the night before. We had the lights off because #3 was asleep in his crib across the room. Writing my post about day 7 was starting to give me a boner so I took off my clothes and played with myself as I typed. When I finished my post, I closed the laptop and we read our recent posts together on my cell phone in the darkened room.

I caressed her legs and labia and she started up Lelo. When my cock got hard, she asked if I wanted to go inside of her. I’m not going to turn down that invitation! As she massages her clit, I insert the tip of my penis into her warm vagina. I love the way it feels when I first enter her. The way she wraps around my dick so perfectly.  Yum!

For a while, we do this. She has Lelo massaging her pussy and I am slowly moving in and out of her. I play with my balls and run my fingers around her labia, across her thighs and up her torso to her breasts and perfect neck. We are pretty quiet, except for moans of pleasure here and there. Just the darkness and our bodies, and the feel-good nature of slow gentle sex. Then her moans get more intense and she cums. Her legs squeeze around my ass and her pussy pulses tightly on my dick with the contractions of her orgasm.

After she cums, I slide in deeper, feeling her clitoral mound pushing against me. The smooth and silky sensations are cascading like waves where we grind together. My penis is wrapped up in a blanket of lush softness. She feels totally relaxed and the little bumps inside her vagina tease my sensitive penis like nothing else. I am loving every second of this closeness and don’t want this to stop. I am falling into her whole body when my orgasm explodes. One of those intense, slow-motion explosions. The kind that carries you away into a dream that goes on forever.

But what I am really trying to say is: “Damn, that was good!”


OK, Five days in a row! All this sex is going right to my crotch and I am getting hornier by the minute! All day long all I can think about is how I can’t handle waiting until 11 F’ing thirty at night after the kids are in bed. I want her now!

My penis is raging and tingling constantly. I feel like I am going through that 12 year-old puberty stage where the slightest provocation makes it start to swell into bonerdom.

Unfortunately though, today is not a day that our 4 year-old is in pre-school and the 3 month-old doesn’t want to nap for more than a little while, so it is not until oh-so-late in the evening that we are alone and can get something going on. DW is sending a very long text message to one of her friends so I go to the drawer and get Gigi/Lelo out of her bag. I decide to experiment a little with it and place it on the tip of my penis. Hmmm, it doesn’t feel quite as intense as last time. I cycle through the 5 different “modes” and none of them are all that different. None of them are doing it for me. I am a little confused because I had been so damn horny all day and now I am having a hard time getting a stiffy.

DW comes to the rescue though and takes Gigi for her self. She agrees that it isn’t feeling as powerful and we conclude that it must be in need of a charge. It is still strong enough to do the job for the moment and provides DW with a nice O.

By the time DW has finished, she has gotten me back in horny mode and my dick is getting hard. It is still a little bit tough though. Because of my massively huge, biggest ever cold sore I can’t really kiss her and we are finding it harder to do much foreplay and that is making a difference. I am really, really, really missing that part of our love making! Can’t wait for the damn thing to heal up.

We start to have sex, in basically missionary position, but I am having a little harder time hitting the right spot despite my horniness. Shift a little here, shift a little there, and soon I am in kind of a crazy squatting/straddling variation of a game of twister. But it is working. Suddenly, it feels like a rapid fire shotgun has gone off in my dick and I have 4 strong and quick explosions  shooting through my body. They drain me and I collapse back to the bed. I think it might take a while for my knees to recover from that one.

Day 4

HAHAHA! SO FUN! I am invigorated! This is so fun! We are laughing so much right now! And so excited!!!

We were so tired and writing our posts for last night and thinking, wow, we still have to have sex. hahaha! We’ve spent the day cleaning, doing homework, dinner at my sister’s, and putting our kids to bed late with one of them crying that he had to go pee before bed. Sitting down and thinking, do we have sex now or write our posts? If we write our post’s for last night, we will never have sex. If we have sex, we’ll have to write two posts, and I’ll forget about last night’s sex. The dilemma!

I write my post, my husband follows suit. I say, I’m so tired, and he tells me later that he thinks we won’t have sex today. What?! I am not quitting! I think he is quitting, but he thinks I am quitting. I say that I can’t believe that he’d let me crumble that easily, or quit, or miss a day, because he doesn’t fight back and say NO! But he doesn’t. I tell him that I just need to express my feelings and say that I am sooo tired ad that we have to write posts and have sex. LOL!

DH is still writing his post, since his are awesome and way better than mine. I go into the room with sleeping child and grab the new vibrator. Getting a little excited. I come back to couch, strip naked, put down a blanket on the couch where DH is writing, and lay down. I get the sample water based lubricant out that they give with the GIGI or LELO, and ask DH to open it. He opens it. He runs down the hall to the bathroom, runs back to the couch, stripping off his clothes, whipping his glasses off, and gets down to watch. I have put on the lube, started the veebratore, and I try it out on the clitoris, then my opening, then my inside of my vagina. I ask where exactly is the g-spot? I think I know where it is, but I’ve never had an O with it, so I am not positive. I try out the gigi in the area, and think, let’s explore later. So I go to my C-spot, and it is great. It’s wet, and feeling really good. My DH is playing with me around my vagina, and the opening of the vagina, feeling good. I go into the O-zone and several times I think I will cum, but it doesn’t. That’s okay, I feel it again. And then…there it is, I think I am cumming. And YES! I AM! It’s a good, long and delicious feeling one. OOH, is that TMI? This is so crazy that I am writing this down, describing it, and SHARING IT!

We played around with his penis, then drew it into my vagina. It felt really good. He was on top, and it was hitting the end of whatever it’s called, not hurting though, but almost, and just for a while. I am into it, I start kissing him on his chest and neck and shoulder and he is liking it. I like when he tells me what he likes and what turns him on. I love to bite sometimes, probably too much, so I am doing that, too. I am wet, I also had lube on, so it’s feeling really good. I am loving his ass, grabbing it, squeezing it, slapping it, love it. He cums, and his butt muscles contract with the rhythm of the orgasm. That is cracking me up! That starts the laugh! I love it! So fun!

We shower, we are invigorated. We are so happy and laughing. I told DH that if we didn’t make this commitment, we would not have had sex for the past 3 days. Meaning we would have had sex the 1st day, and that one we had to really push ourselves to do, or that wouldn’t have happened. We would’ve made many excuses to not have sex. And not just me, DH, too.  I am so excited because I feel it will change us, and for the better. I can’t imagine having sex everyday for one year, with 3 young kids!!!  Knowing that I made a commitment, a goal, to have sex everyday for  a year with my husband, has given me a challenge. I have made every excuse NOT to have sex, and so many legitimate ones. :/ (It’s sounding like my exercise routine.) If you don’t make a commitment, you won’t do it. That’s sad. Sex is fun, or at least it should be!



Round 2

Once the kids were in bed and the baby stopped crying in his crib, DW and I sat down to make our blog entries for yesterday’s sex. I was dying to read what she wrote and at the same time, getting a boner thinking about what I was writing.  It was tough to keep typing and not turn over and start fondling her.

With yesterday’s post out of the way, it was time to get down to business. DW pulled the Lelo out of its case and I gave it a quick baptism with soap and water before its first communion. DW turned it up to full power and started to move it towards her pussy. Nervous, it took a few tries before she got up the nerve to place it on her clit, but she got it there. I caressed and tickled her inner thighs, ass and labia while Gigi did her magic on DWs clit. It seemed like it took less than 1/4 of the usual buzzer time before DW was cumming. She had a good strong one and laid back on the bed. She pressed Gigi against the tip of my penis and the feeling was intense. Very different from the feeling of other vibrators we have had. It was like it penetrated past my skin, deep into the full length of my shaft. I think that given enough time I could have cum but I wasn’t certain and I was really wanting my wife. Before I could do anything though, Gigi was back on DWs clit and she came again! Less strong, but equally fast. I could feel the vibrations of the Lelo through DWs leg as it lay on top of my hard penis.

With my cock throbbing, I got on top of her. She wasn’t as wet as yesterday but slowly we worked her natural lube out from within her vagina until I was completely inside her. I fucking love the feeling of her wrapped around me! Every bump, ridge, and crease feels so good!

It must have been the residual effect of Gigi’s vibrations but within a couple minutes of fucking I realized that I had just hit the point where there is no pulling back from cumming. Damn! I had wanted to make love longer than this. Bu ah well, let’s just enjoy the orgasm. So I let loose. It wasn’t as powerful as yesterday but it was nice and long with a good finish.

And oh, how I can’t wait for this stupid cold sore to heal and go away! I need to kiss my lady!

Day 2

Damn, I think I hurt myself the first day with the LELO! I went for 2 orgasms. I’m so greedy! Wait, I’m going to have dh check me out. Yes, I stretched the top of my labia, like stretching your skin too much, ouch. I’ve never done that before. It probably was the 2nd O. I didn’t have “water-based” lubricant like the vibrator tells you to use so you don’t ruin it. I wasn’t wet enough. It’s the damn no kissing, and not enough foreplay.What am I? a virgin, and having sex for the first time? You don’t go straight for the kill. I know that.

I think we are just too excited for all this newness of sex. Hmmm, having sex every day for a year, and BLOGGING about it! What was I thinking? I think this was my idea yesterday. I guess I am bored in my life and need some excitement. I’m sure this blog and trying to hide who we are, I think for at least a little while, or forever, will give me a few adrenaline rushes.

Like I said, we fondled each other, laughing again, wondering if the kids were really asleep. We start the new vibrator, and it’s good. I put it inside of me to get wet and bring it out onto my clit, and it’s good, real good. It’s definitely a different feel and a different vibrator than I’ve had before. It goes slow and deep, and my O was slow and deep and long. AAAAH! It’s been a couple weeks. We’ve been using hands and mouth the past few months, the good old fashioned way. I do like good old fashioned, but an O from a vibrator is different and fun, not always better, but always good.

I tried the vibrator on him, putting it on the top of his penis. I couldn’t tell if he liked it or not. I kept asking him if I was hurting him, and if he kept wanting me to keep doing it. He said he liked it, but that it was different, that it was penetrating him deeply, and that he liked it. He could hardly talk. We went right into having him inside me, I was wetter than yesterday, but not as wet as normal. We kept laughing and pretending to kiss, damn.

He’s not allowed to touch my nips right now, as I am breastfeeding and when touched it feels as if they are being sliced with knives. So, that doesn’t go over well with the turn on factor. I guess rubbing my legs and inner thighs and vagigi is going to have to do. We may have to explore a bit.

He came quick, but a drawn out orgasm, and always a good laugh at the end and ghost kisses, for now.

Good, clean fun! haha!

The first post about “doing it.”

OK, I am horny. I am a guy. My wife turns me on.

I have been thinking about her all morning. She is off taking the kids to school or running an errand or both. I don’t remember for sure. But it seems like it has been forever since we had sex and masturbating in the shower doesn’t quite do what she does for me. Doesn’t even come close.

I know this for certain because I squoze one off in the shower just the other day. Ho-Hum. Seems like I don’t mastubate all that much either. Am I getting old? Or is it just because one of the kids could potentially burst in the door to the bathroom at any minute? Remember the good old days in my 20’s when I could wank off 3-4 times a day and then still have sex afterward?

But back to the point… I NEED my wife today. I have spent the morning trying to focus on work but there is an urgency in my crotch that is quite distracting.  I actually spent a few minutes (ok, 10-15) looking at some porn but all it did was make me more horny for HER. Its hard to work when your dick is stretching your shorts.

FINALLY, she comes home. I had forgotten this detail, but she had gone on a walk. She showers. I am in the kitchen grabbing a snack when she comes in naked, with her wet hair hanging over her shoulders. Fuck she is sexy.

“What’s going on?” She asks.

“I want to have sex with you!”

The baby is asleep in our bedroom and my in-laws could burst in to the living room at any moment (more on that later). The only rational choice is the boy’s bunk bed. (Yes, they are at school, thank God.)

Giggling like a kid, strip off my clothes on the way down the hall. Hit the lights (see in-laws) and on to the bottom bunk. I want to lick her pussy so bad but I have a damn cold sore so that’s out. My dick is standing up and feeling huge as I play with her moist pussy. I am getting hard right now just thinking about the way it feels running my fingers around her shaved labia and up from her vagina to her firm clit. I am rubbing her while she rubs my cock and my knees bang into the wall next to the way too skinny single bed. She guides my dick into her pussy and slowly I move in and out as she gets more wet. I am in a push-up position on top of her and her legs are spread up as far as can be in the cramped space. We laugh at the close quarters but try to ignore the wall. We don’t have sex for long before I cum inside of her. Oh God, this is a good one! My head jerks back and brushes against the underside of the top bunk. A little further and I would have had a goose egg. My orgasm seems to last forever while my whole body spasms and then my knees and arms go weak. Yum!

I still feel a bit guilty though whenever I get to cum and she doesn’t.  Holding the push-up position as long as I can, I stretch to reach the always just-out-of-reach box of tissues. While we clean up we lament the fact that her vibrator had quit working (cord shorted out after 6 months, dammit) and resolve yet again to go to the sex-shop and get a new one. A good one this time!