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Day 2

Damn, I think I hurt myself the first day with the LELO! I went for 2 orgasms. I’m so greedy! Wait, I’m going to have dh check me out. Yes, I stretched the top of my labia, like stretching your skin too much, ouch. I’ve never done that before. It probably was the 2nd O. I didn’t have “water-based” lubricant like the vibrator tells you to use so you don’t ruin it. I wasn’t wet enough. It’s the damn no kissing, and not enough foreplay.What am I? a virgin, and having sex for the first time? You don’t go straight for the kill. I know that.

I think we are just too excited for all this newness of sex. Hmmm, having sex every day for a year, and BLOGGING about it! What was I thinking? I think this was my idea yesterday. I guess I am bored in my life and need some excitement. I’m sure this blog and trying to hide who we are, I think for at least a little while, or forever, will give me a few adrenaline rushes.

Like I said, we fondled each other, laughing again, wondering if the kids were really asleep. We start the new vibrator, and it’s good. I put it inside of me to get wet and bring it out onto my clit, and it’s good, real good. It’s definitely a different feel and a different vibrator than I’ve had before. It goes slow and deep, and my O was slow and deep and long. AAAAH! It’s been a couple weeks. We’ve been using hands and mouth the past few months, the good old fashioned way. I do like good old fashioned, but an O from a vibrator is different and fun, not always better, but always good.

I tried the vibrator on him, putting it on the top of his penis. I couldn’t tell if he liked it or not. I kept asking him if I was hurting him, and if he kept wanting me to keep doing it. He said he liked it, but that it was different, that it was penetrating him deeply, and that he liked it. He could hardly talk. We went right into having him inside me, I was wetter than yesterday, but not as wet as normal. We kept laughing and pretending to kiss, damn.

He’s not allowed to touch my nips right now, as I am breastfeeding and when touched it feels as if they are being sliced with knives. So, that doesn’t go over well with the turn on factor. I guess rubbing my legs and inner thighs and vagigi is going to have to do. We may have to explore a bit.

He came quick, but a drawn out orgasm, and always a good laugh at the end and ghost kisses, for now.

Good, clean fun! haha!