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The first post about “doing it.”

OK, I am horny. I am a guy. My wife turns me on.

I have been thinking about her all morning. She is off taking the kids to school or running an errand or both. I don’t remember for sure. But it seems like it has been forever since we had sex and masturbating in the shower doesn’t quite do what she does for me. Doesn’t even come close.

I know this for certain because I squoze one off in the shower just the other day. Ho-Hum. Seems like I don’t mastubate all that much either. Am I getting old? Or is it just because one of the kids could potentially burst in the door to the bathroom at any minute? Remember the good old days in my 20’s when I could wank off 3-4 times a day and then still have sex afterward?

But back to the point… I NEED my wife today. I have spent the morning trying to focus on work but there is an urgency in my crotch that is quite distracting.  I actually spent a few minutes (ok, 10-15) looking at some porn but all it did was make me more horny for HER. Its hard to work when your dick is stretching your shorts.

FINALLY, she comes home. I had forgotten this detail, but she had gone on a walk. She showers. I am in the kitchen grabbing a snack when she comes in naked, with her wet hair hanging over her shoulders. Fuck she is sexy.

“What’s going on?” She asks.

“I want to have sex with you!”

The baby is asleep in our bedroom and my in-laws could burst in to the living room at any moment (more on that later). The only rational choice is the boy’s bunk bed. (Yes, they are at school, thank God.)

Giggling like a kid, strip off my clothes on the way down the hall. Hit the lights (see in-laws) and on to the bottom bunk. I want to lick her pussy so bad but I have a damn cold sore so that’s out. My dick is standing up and feeling huge as I play with her moist pussy. I am getting hard right now just thinking about the way it feels running my fingers around her shaved labia and up from her vagina to her firm clit. I am rubbing her while she rubs my cock and my knees bang into the wall next to the way too skinny single bed. She guides my dick into her pussy and slowly I move in and out as she gets more wet. I am in a push-up position on top of her and her legs are spread up as far as can be in the cramped space. We laugh at the close quarters but try to ignore the wall. We don’t have sex for long before I cum inside of her. Oh God, this is a good one! My head jerks back and brushes against the underside of the top bunk. A little further and I would have had a goose egg. My orgasm seems to last forever while my whole body spasms and then my knees and arms go weak. Yum!

I still feel a bit guilty though whenever I get to cum and she doesn’t.  Holding the push-up position as long as I can, I stretch to reach the always just-out-of-reach box of tissues. While we clean up we lament the fact that her vibrator had quit working (cord shorted out after 6 months, dammit) and resolve yet again to go to the sex-shop and get a new one. A good one this time!

Day 1

We didn’t know this would be our first day at our 365 day quest of sex once per day, but it was as good a day as any. We just had our 3rd and last child, hubby had a vasectomy while I was pregnant, I just finished my first period since giving birth, and we had hustled the kids to school and our infant was sleeping peacefully in our bedroom. We had to have sex. There was no choice. But where? We live in the basement of my parents house, they could come down anytime. I’d just gotten out of the shower after my daily walk, I didn’t want to do it in the shower. The boys room it was. We’d never done it in there. Top or bottom? Bottom and me on bottom this time. He had a cold sore, so no kissing. Bummer. We do a little caressing and laughing and fingers on the clitoris. I don’t get very wet. I think I need the kissing. Not always the case. I know the orgasm for me isn’t gonna happen, so I say, go inside me. It takes a minute, but it starts to feel good and get wet and we get into the groove. I’m into it, but I know I’m not going to have an orgasm, so I think I want to hurry things up, I’m worried I’m not wet enough and may hurt later. But then it’s fun, it’s always fun, and I love watching him. He suddenly is going to come and he whips his head up and I think he hit his head on the bunk above us. I try to hold my laugh in until he’s finished cumming, and I almost make it. We both laugh every time we finish sex, pretty much every time he cums. It’s so funny. It’s so intense and so hilarious at the part he climaxes. It always looks like he’s going to hurt himself. We like to laugh, that is a release, too. We decide after that we should really start this challenge we’ve been wanting to do for 5 years. We go that day and get another vibrator for me.  My other one we had since Christmas shorted out a few weeks before the baby was born. Looking forward to seeing how the hot pink LELO works!