3rd time’s the charm?

It was Saturday. The day was a blur. Seriously, where did the day go? The baby sleeps for only 2 hours at a time during the night right now so we get no sleep. The other kids are all up and awake by sunrise and begging for breakfast. Then it is rush rush rush to tee ball, football, tennis, feed the kids, clean the house, try to get the oldest boy caught up on his homework, deal with a client’s “emergency”, feed the kids again, clean a random mess, brush their teeth, pajamas on, tuck them in, can I just sit down for a beer for a second???? By the end of it we are both so exhausted, the idea of having sex seems like a mirage floating in the distance of some barren desert.

We talk about the fact that somehow we should have found a time and/or place to have sex earlier in the day but looking back, there was never a moment where we could have been alone long enough to do it. Although admittedly, we did sit on the couch to watch the last half of a football game together. It was a nail-biter of a  college rivalry game that we couldn’t miss. I tried to caress her neck and shoulders a few times to try to warm things up while we were watching the game but I’m not certain that it had any effect.

After the game is over, we look at eachother, both of us dead tired. “Shall we? We gotta keep our commitment to do it every day!” The kids had slept out in front of the TV last night for the fun of it and the futon still hasn’t been picked up and put away. As we joke to eachother about how the other wanted to pass today and just go to bed, DW hops off the couch onto the futon and lays on her back (already naked) and I rip off my  shorts and t-shirt. It is funny how no matter how tired we are, as soon as we start the action, the tiredness fades quickly.

DW’s pussy is a bit sore from yesterday’s inaugural Lelo experience, so she decides not to use it tonight. I join her on the futon. Just looking at her turns me on and as I rub the tip of my penis between the lips of her pussy, feeling the heat and moisture, and run my hands across her breasts, thighs and tummy, my cock starts to get hard. She plays with her clit and my balls, which always get me going. Tying to be careful not to hurt her sore labia, we work my dick deeper into her a little at a time, trying to draw her lubrication up around my shaft. When I am fully inside of her, it seems that I must be hitting a good spot as she is making a little moan as I thrust. I wonder for a second if I should try to hold off on cumming so she can enjoy this more or if I should hurry it up so that I don’t hurt her. It doesn’t take much longer though before I am ready to cum and I let it go. The orgasm was not super strong but was quite nice. She is even more horny and mentions that maybe she will give the Lelo a whirl. I look forward to seeing how it goes. But after we clean up, check on the kids and get into the bedroom, it is literally seconds before we are fast asleep.

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