Day 5

Today I don’t make my walk in the morning because I have my infant breastfeeding from me right when I’m supposed to get up, for a whole hour. I must’ve fallen asleep. There is nothing left in that boob, it’s become a pacifier. I remember I am meeting a friend for my first weight watchers meeting in 7 or 8 years. I’m glad I went, but I have a shit load to lose, the most I’ve ever had to.

After I get home from WaWa, (short for Weight Watchers), I’ve got my husband asking me all day, “Wanna do it? Wanna do it?”  We have our pre-k boy at home on Monday’s and there was no way we could do it. He then proceeds to let me know how horny he is, that his penis is very “present”. HAHA. I am loving this. I ask him if it was the sex last night? or that we are having sex all the time now and that his dick (I said it) is expecting it? He doesn’t know the ‘why’, he just knows that IT is present and he’s very aware of IT, and IT could have sex at any given time. I want to have sex early in the day, but with my 2 youngest at home all day, it ain’t gonna happen.

We are so tired again, but make a huge effort to get into bed by 10:30 or 11? It feels late. I get the lube out, get it on my lady parts, and start the vibrator. It feels as if it needs to be recharged, but no time for that. It’s a little bit clinical tonight, but it’s not going to be porn city every night. It takes a while, and feels like I am about to cum, then NO, it dies instantly, and again it rises to the edge of cumdum and no, and repeat. Suddenly, I don’t know if I was ready, or it just hit the right spot or if DH touched me on my inner thighs, but suddenly the LELO hits a spot and I start cumming, no warning, just got right into it. It was a good one, with a great beginning and drawn out.

We get DH right in there, yes, there is no foreplay these days. We still can’t kiss, and we are tired. One of these days. DH tries a few positions, but he gets one that is good and he cums and his reaction is jerky. Never seen that one. His body went into intense small quick jerks, and I had to hold in the laugh, but I barely made it when I released the laugh. Don’t get me wrong, I am not making fun. I love this! I love to watch him. I love the different looks he gets. It’s fun and a lot of times funny. We laugh together. I guess he’ll have to express sometime if he doesn’t like the laugh. But so far laughing is good. HAhaHAhaHAAA!

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