We are in the bedroom, snuggling up chatting, and kissing a little. I am totally horny and loving kissing her. I start to caress and kiss her body all over and she is liking it. I work my way to her inner thigh and eventually to her pussy. Soon I have my face buried in her sweet, wet pussy. It tastes and smells so incredibly good. I start out lightly, brushing against her outer lips and the space between her thighs and pussy. She is moaning and very receptive. After a little bit, I am licking around her labia, into her vagina and up around her clitoris. I spend a timeless evening of pleasure sucking, licking, kissing and enjoying every inch of her lusciousness. I don’t want to stop.

Sometimes she can cum when I am licking her pussy and I hope that tonight will be one of those times. Every once in a while, she makes a noise or movement that makes me think that things are moving in that direction. But then there are times where she is giving no response at all. The good responses happen frequently enough to keep me going and I aint complaining. But after a little bit, the good responses are less frequent and I am starting to get a little kink in my neck so I have to stop. But it was so nice to be there while I was.

We kiss a little and I play with her with my fingers. “Don’t you want to put your penis inside?” she says. Well, of course I do. But I didn’t want to just go straight for it like a brute. But now that she mentions it…. So we are having sex. It is slow and yummy. Feels really good. The sensations are hovering just a little below orgasm for a long time, but for some reason can’t seem to get over the threshold. I try variations on the position but nothing seems to get it there. Now, I begin to worry about what if I can’t cum and decide to stop while I am ahead and still enjoying it. It seems a little awkward.

Why do I always have to have an orgasm for sex to be sex? Hundreds of thousands of women don’t have orgasms during sex and it is ok. Maybe it is just in my head, but it seems that society pins the male orgasm as the defining hallmark of the sex act. It was really good feeling sex and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, I love cumming and would love to do it all the time, but sometimes it is OK just to have sex.

One Response to “Sixteen”

  • She Said says:

    These 3D images are cracking me up. I’m glad you like to do this. It always reminds me of the Robin Williams comedy bit. HAHAHA! We need to watch that again.

    And I do admit it is a bit disappointing when you don’t orgasm because 99.9% of the times we’ve had sex you always do. But since we are having sex often, I need to change my thoughts and know that you are enjoying it like I enjoy sex without having an orgasm. And I really do enjoy sex with or without an orgasm.