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Day 6

Day 6 is the day that God created People. We will be doing the act of making people everyday for a year, but the only thing that we will be making will be LOVE. Cheese!

DH was asking me as soon as I got ready for the day and our 2 kids were at school, and infant was in a nap, “Wanna? Wanna?” Come on! I told him I have created a monster. I needed to get things done. In the middle of lunch I feel this thing on my neck then a massaging feeling on my neck. He’s got my vebratore on my neck. Seriously?! Let me finish my lunch! I tell him that with sarcasm and a half smile.

I finish my sandwich and say, “last one to the bedroom is a rotten egg”. I think that’s where it started off bad. lol. Or maybe it was the bottom bunk bed we are trying to do it in, and feeling bad I’ve got to do it in my child’s bed. We start with the LELO. For a day like this, I’ve got to get the big guns out. No sissy vibrator. I need the kind from Walmart that you get a real neck massage with. I can’t be worried if I have the vibrator on the right spot and I’m about to cum and the stick slips. Crap. Start over. This went on and on. But finally, without further adieu, I cum. I’m glad it happened, glad it’s over and left with a tiny headache. I was definitely concentrating in my head more than relaxing the vagigi.

On to the DH. This was a comedy of errors. The too small bed, the timing, the fact that I’m too sensitive after an orgasm and don’t want him to touch me. That doesn’t help. We tried about every position we could in that bed, even applied more lubricant, but we were cracking up too much, and knowing it was over before it began.

Let it go, and let it be.