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Day 8

Holy Shivers is right! You’d think that the 8th day would be boring but it wasn’t. We spent the night catching up on our last posts and reading each others previous posts. It got me in the mood.

The baby was asleep in our room with the white noise CD playing and it was pitch black. When we turned off our computers I put some KY on and I wasn’t sure I was in the mood, but I started with the LELO. It felt good, and I played around, while DH was playing with himself and playing around me. He put himself inside me and we went at it for a while. It felt really good with a lot of sensual feelings, loving feelings, and it was stress free. We didn’t care what we were doing or worried if it was taking a long time to cum.

I don’t know if it helped that it was pitch black so I had less inhibition of what I looked like? I don’t normally care about that, I always look sexy. 🙂 Or that we couldn’t hear one another with the white noise in the background, so we weren’t saying anything, we were just feeling. Pure sensations. I was doing my thing, he was doing his. We weren’t laughing. I was feeling good, he was feeling good inside me, and eventually I came. It was delicious and sensual and yummy.

I lay there, feeling the effects of warmth and satisfaction. I felt like butter melting into the bed. I know, haha, but that’s how I felt. Total deliciousness. I would do that again.