I spent all day today (Sunday) looking for an opportunity to get my lady alone so we could get it on before the day was over. But the Universe said “Maniacal Laugh! Mua ha ha ha ha!” Just like yesterday, it was non-stop kids. But hey, at least their room is now clean for the first time in six months!

We got home late from Sunday dinner at DWs sister’s house, got the kids in bed, and collapsed on the sofa to chart out the boys’ football and baseball schedules on the calendar and write our blog posts for yesterday. I am hoping that somehow that we can get a chance to “do it.” DW whizzes through her post and disappears into the other room before I am halfway done with mine. I guess I write too much!

Suddenly, she reappears with a fleece blanket and Gigi! SCHWING! My dick almost punches a hole through my laptop. Fuck Yeah!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE watching her cum? There is very little else in the world that turns me on more than this. Within seconds my clothes are on the floor and I am sitting on the couch next to her. I caress her legs and thigh and run my fingers around her labia as she inserts Gigi into her vagina. After a moment of looking for her elusive G-spot, she decides to focus on her clitoris instead. Within another moment, she is arching and moaning with pleasure. I massage the entrance to her pussy and inset my finger inside. Feeling the bumps just inside the entrance and the wetness dripping around it. She uses Gigi for a little longer tonight but then her legs and her whole body tense and release and tense again and she cums.

My dick is rock hard now and aching to be inside her. I climb on top and she grabs my cock, rubbing it around her labia and over her clit a few times before guiding it into her pussy. She is tight. But wet and with a some of the Lelo Lube still on her from earlier, I slide in easily. Her pussy is wrapped around me and every inch of my cock is inside of her. Our position on the shorter of our couches makes it a little harder for me to get the right pressure points but she starts kissing my neck and shoulders, which sends my senses into overdrive. My God, I am turned on! She grabs my ass as I thrust and grind into her, harder now. I explode with four or five shots of ecstasy and shudder as the orgasm subsides.

We chat in the shower afterward about how if we hadn’t committed to this, we probably would not have had sex for the past three days. If you read the posts you can tell why! Life just gets in the way a lot. OR at least, people think that life just gets in the way a lot. It would be SO easy to just say “I am too tired. we can just do it tomorrow.” And then probably say the same thing again after tomorrow slaps us in the face.

Putting our experiences in writing and knowing that we have a commitment to do this every day and there is some sort of accountability involved is making us follow through and adding an extra level of excitement to the whole thing. This sex-every-day thing is pretty great!

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