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Twelfth day of XXX-mas

The days fly by! Busy with kids, work, & life…. I am actually writing this (And days 11 & 13) on Wednesday night because we have been so swamped that neither of us has written out our posts. I don’t even remember off the top of my head what happened on Monday during the day and into the evening. I am sure it was busy though because I do remember though that we had some fun sex at night…. late that night.

But the details are fuzzy. I am hoping that more come to mind as I write. I am remembering that I went to the store for groceries and made a monstrously huge batch of my famous fresh salsa for DW’s book club get-together on Tuesday. Then had to spend an inordinate amount of time doing dishes and cleaning up the mess.

I know was looking forward to getting in bed with my hot wifey and a little frustrated that we are getting to bed super late again. Worried that #3 will wake up early again, but thank God, he does not.

Things are finally finished up and we get in bed. We kiss and caress and fondle each other. I am aroused and half-erect but takes a minute longer for me to get totally hard. Not too long though. We are laying on our sides and I go inside her. She is nice and wet. She plays with my balls and between my legs, totally turns me on. Pretty soon, we are just about in “scissors” position and grinding against each other’s crotches. Her moans and sounds are getting me off in a big way. We fuck harder and faster and I cum.  It was not as strong as last night but pretty damn good!

She opts not to try for an orgasm again. I am a little bummed because I love being with her when she does. But it is now well past midnight and we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.