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Seventeen (inches)

OK, so maybe it isn’t that long, but I am somewhat well endowed and maybe it feels like it is that long on occasion.

The kids had a sleep-out in front of the TV on Saturday and the futon hadn’t been put away yet. I was sitting on the futon working on my posts and DW was on the couch across from me. We were way behind on posting and trying to get caught up… again. I tend to get a little turned on when thinking about sex with my lady and this moment was no different. The fact that I was writing three days worth of sex talk might have helped.

“Schwing!” shouts my dick, as it pokes its head out of the bottom of my shorts…

It must have spoken loudly because DW noticed right away! A split second later, her laptop is closed shut and she pounces on me like an excited kitten. ūüôā Damn! This is great! We are making out like crazy, starting to have sex, and loving it. Except that she is worried that someone is going to see us through the living room window and wants to turn off the light.

Huh? We live in a stinking basement apartment, there is a literal wall of oaks and shrubs between us and the street. Someone would have to be standing in our driveway, deliberately peering through the bushes next to the window to see in. And it is 1:00 AM so nobody should be wandering our street right now either. And I was excited that we were doing it with the lights on because I love to look at her during sex. We debate these points for a few moments and she insists that it¬†could happen. After all, she used to peep in windows when she was younger. Foxy little perv! Turns me on a bit to think of her peeking in on someone. ūüėČ

OK, so I guess technically it¬†could happen. To be totally honest, I don’t really care if someone looks in and sees us getting it on. I think I have a little bit of an exhibitionist streak. But it is making DW nervous and why rock the boat when she is excited, wet, and waiting? We turn of most of the lights. I can still see her very well but someone outside in the driveway would have a harder time.

She asks if I want to try some different positions and I answer that we haven’t done doggy style since we started this experiment. She is game and turns around, presenting her fine ass my way. (I am getting a boner just writing this.) Her pussy is dripping wet and I am raging hard. I am so erect that the skin on my penis is stretched tight and I can feel it pulling at its base. I finger her vagina for a second and spread her labia apart. My penis slides inside and her vagina is squeezing tight around it.

I grab her hips with one hand and finger her clit with the other while thrusting in so that my balls slap up against it with every thrust. After a few thrusts, she tells me that it is hurting her. I am hitting her cervix too hard. Sometimes this happens in this position. I change my motion slightly so that only the first few inches of my dick are entering her. I have to concentrate a little more but the trade off is a great view of my penis sliding in and out while the head of my penis gets the extra sensation of pushing through the opening to her vagina. It doesn’t take long before I cum. This position always works pretty well and it is a good orgasm.

After sex, we are talking and I find out that it¬†always hurts her when we are doing doggy style but she hadn’t always told me. Dang, I had thought that it was just hurting on the times that she told me about it. Well, it does feel really nice to be all the way inside her like this but judging from my orgasm tonight, I think I will be plenty happy to do it a little shallower.

Day 17

This is the most sex we have ever had! We have never gone this many days in a row, even when we were dating. I’m not positive on that, but highly probable. I am pretty sure that we skipped a day here and there for some reason or another.

We have been catching up on HuluPlus and watching the first episodes of Parenthood and Modern Family. I can’t believe that I did not watch these episodes live! I am having to catch up on all the episodes of Premiere week?! My life is new to me. This is good. Maybe some day I won’t even care what’s on TV and only care about having sex with my husband. That’s kind of how it is right now. Kind of.

We had a day of errands and ended a day with the kids eating popcorn for dinner and watching “Gruffalo’s Child” and part of “Donkey X” from Redbox. We set up the futon in the living room floor for the kid’s to fall asleep on after movies, but realized we couldn’t stay up if they stayed out here. We put the 2 boys in our bedroom with the baby boy so we could watch Hulu and catch up on our last two blog entries.

I’m just finishing one blog entry and into “Modern Family” when the DH pulls out his hard penis through his first pair of sweat shorts he has ever owned! I am thinking, “Can we wait until I am done with blogs and hulu?”, then realize, “Wait! A hard penis! One that I don’t have to spend a lot of time on and get hard! Take advantage!” I strip down and get on the futon with the lights on and any neighbors to look in on if they tried hard. I am a little nervous about the possibility of Peeping Tom’s. I told my husband that we used to look in on house’s sometime’s in high school. Usually houses that we were toilet papering.

I realize in the middle of love making that I am asking a lot of questions and we are talking a lot. I have noticed this a few times the past few weeks. We don’t normally do this but I was asking what he likes and¬†doesn’t¬†like and past things we’ve done and how my squeezing his penis effects him. I am sure this is all good information but how can this be affecting our love making? I have turned out to be the girl that talks too much during sex.

I end up needing KY and ask DH to turn the lights off, but TV is still on but paused. We decide to do “doggy position” which we haven’t done in a while. I like this position, but it can be painful if I am not SUPER turned on. DH hits my cervix and it hurts me. I try to endure it, but most times I say to stop, and that it hurts too much. I tried to squeeze him and move forward a bit so he wouldn’t hit the end of me, but he just moves forward. I finally told him it hurt too much. DH¬†doesn’t¬†like to hurt me, and I know that, but it’s always hard for me to tell him. I hate to ruin the moment. He changes it up by not going in as far. Wow, how novel, but it makes a difference.

As soon as DH didn’t go inside me as far, he was ready to cum. And it didn’t hurt. I’d like to do that again. I ask DH more questions in the shower. What crazy thing did you do to not make it hurt? He said, “I just didn’t put my penis in as far in you”. Humph. That’s it! Amazing what can happen when you speak up!



We are in the bedroom,¬†snuggling¬†up chatting, and kissing a little. I am totally horny and loving kissing her. I start to caress and kiss her body all over and she is liking it. I work my way to her inner thigh and¬†eventually¬†to her pussy. Soon I have my face buried in her sweet, wet pussy. It tastes and smells so incredibly good. I start out lightly, brushing against her outer lips and the space between her thighs and pussy. She is moaning and very receptive. After a little bit, I am licking around her labia, into her vagina and up around her clitoris. I spend a timeless evening of pleasure sucking, licking, kissing and enjoying every inch of her¬†lusciousness. I don’t want to stop.

Sometimes she can cum when I am licking her pussy and I hope that tonight will be one of those times. Every once in a while, she makes a noise or movement that makes me think that things are moving in that direction. But then there are times where she is giving no response at all. The good responses happen frequently enough to keep me going and I aint complaining. But after a little bit, the good responses are less frequent and I am starting to get a little kink in my neck so I have to stop. But it was so nice to be there while I was.

We kiss a little and I play with her with my fingers. “Don’t you want to put your penis inside?” she says. Well, of course I do. But I didn’t want to just go straight for it like a brute. But now that she mentions it…. So we are having sex. It is slow and yummy. Feels really good. The sensations are hovering just a little below orgasm for a long time, but for some reason can’t seem to get over the¬†threshold. I try variations on the position but nothing seems to get it there. Now, I begin to worry about what if I can’t cum and decide to stop while I am ahead and still enjoying it. It seems a little awkward.

Why do I always have to have an orgasm for sex to be sex? Hundreds of thousands of women don’t have orgasms during sex and it is ok. Maybe it is just in my head,¬†but it seems that society pins the male orgasm as the defining hallmark of the sex act. It was really good feeling sex and I¬†thoroughly¬†enjoyed it. Yes, I love cumming and would love to do it all the time, but sometimes it is OK just to have sex.

Day 16

Oh wow! Tonight was go down on my pussy night! Yes, I said it! I had to give credit, as credit was due to the ol’ husband.

It doesn’t help that I had a couple of drinks tonight, as we were at a social engagement that involved alcoholic beverages. I was overly tired and not in the mood to do anything but turn over and fall asleep. We started kissing and next thing you know, DH is down there in pussyland. It feels really good and I am loving it, but I know instantly it probably is not going to happen. I wasn’t in the mood to tell him that and I also wasn’t in the mood to stop it. I thought, well, hell, if he wants to do this, let him have at it. I was really enjoying it and was in the moment and not thinking much besides that the tongue action was feeling good.

If I’ve had more than one drink, than I have a harder time having an orgasm. It really just depends. I like having sex without having alcohol in my body. I used to like having sex with alcohol in my body, but that is not the case anymore. I feel more physically and emotionally connected with my husband without alcohol in my body. But sometimes sex is fun without inhibitions and liquor can really heal a sex deprived and cold relationship. Not always, and not every day, but every once in a while. Moderation in all things, right? Since I am so perfect, I thought I would throw that one in.

We start to have sex with penis inside vagina, and it feels great. I am thinking for sure we will end with an orgasm on his end. But no. Dangit! Why can’t he cum? Buggarooni. I know he is loving it, and he has just been giving me oral sex for the past who knows when, he has to be horny! This night has to end with “I’m cumming!”

Why do I get irritated when he doesn’t cum? It’s more of a rarity when he can’t. But not lately since we are having sex everyday. I reach orgasm less than he does, on a regular basis. I’m sure I could have an orgasm every time I use the super duper powerful vibrator, but I don’t care to. I like trying different things. I really like having an orgasm orally or with DH using his fingers, or me using my fingers while husband is participating. These methods don’t always have the outcome of an orgasm, but the orgasm is more organic and real. I just like it better.

So neither of us reach an O, but it was fun trying and I am sure we will try again. It can’t hurt to try.



We are in bed and kissing. DW asks me if I had looked at any porn today. (How does she know this??)

“Just, a little,” I say.
“What did you look at?”
“Um, just some random tits and stuff.”
“Like what?”
“The last pic I looked at was kind of a goth chick with perky tits and long legs. She was standing outside, only wearing black leather boots and had some tattoos.”
“Kind of like that girl from the movie?”
“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Lisbeth? No, not really. This one was better looking. The girl in the book was way hotter than the one in the movie too.”
“Like the girl from the glasses shop?”
“Yeah, kind of like her.”
“You’d want to do her.”
“Yeah, she’s kind of hot.”
“I think it would turn me on to watch you have sex with her.”
“Really? That might turn me on too. But I think I’d rather do it with you and her together.”
“Then you could have both of us nibble on you while we are having sex…”
“And she could lick your pussy while you suck on my dick…”

(Or something along these lines…)

And it continues. We are making out, fucking, and talking dirtier and dirtier. The conversation gets more explicit as DW describes the fantasy and I add to it. I am totally turned on.

DW does most of the talking. I always have a hard time coming up with sexy things to say during sex. I don’t know why, but she is better at it. I don’t always know if she is “really” into the fantasy or just playing it up for me, but it still turns me on.If I spent too much trying to know if she is into the fantasy or not, it would be too much of a distraction. Especially if I “found out” that she wasn’t. For whatever reason, it really matters to me a lot that she is enjoying whatever we are doing during sex. I have a hard time cumming or enjoying it if she is not. But hey, right now we are dealing with an imagined fantasy, so I suck down my chivalrous good intention and try to be a little self focused for a change.

I visualize¬†DW making out with the eyeglass store salesgirl while I am fucking her. In my imagined fantasy, “her” is actually both DW and our goth salesgirl. There is something about a fantasy that lets you ignore the laws of physics and linear time-space and have¬†your¬†dick in two vaginas at the same time. I cum a good cum.

Day 15

This night was ‘nasty talk night’ sex. I don’t know why it turned out to be that way, but it just happened. I like to talk like that, it turns me on and I know it turns him on. But I always think, how’d it come to this? Is it bad? is it good? Is it healthy? Is it normal?

I like to talk the nasty, but some rare sex sessions most of what I say is bullshit. I think it’s fun to say, and fun to think that I may think that way, but for the most part I don’t. I think most of it turns the husband on, and he usually eggs it on. But I always question if he wants to role play or really wants to talk ¬†nasty.

For instance, making the threesome, with the Optical “glass’s girl” sales person, that we used to frequent, happen. Yes, she was the girl I wish I had the guts to be and look like. Tall with her 6 inch heel boots, skinny, short dark goth looking hair and face, with piercings in her ears and probably no where else, but other people assume she has them elsewhere. She’s single, lives on her own, no boyfriend, no kids, and I’m jealous of that. She looks like “Lizbeth” in “Girl with a Dragon¬†Tattoo”¬†trilogy book, not movie. We, as in me and my husband, like to imagine our own “Lisbeth”.

I talk of ‘glasses girl’ doing it with DH, as I have a hard time¬†fantasizing¬†doing it with her. I think she is beautiful, and I am somewhat turned on by ‘girl on girl’ action, but really not with the physical me. Maybe a little. I can’t say I would never do ‘girl with girl’ love, and I have¬†fantasized¬†about it in my mid to late twenties, but I’m not sure if I were to ever be put in the situation that I would choose it or end up doing it.

I watched “Sirens” in my mid twenties and that was the first time that I was turned on by girl on girl action. I had never thought about it before. I thought that I would really like 3 experienced women to play with me however they pleased and see what happens. I think that would be nice. I would probably have to be single, and the three women would have to be women I don’t know and super beautiful to me. That is¬†probably¬†not going to happen now.

I don’t want to have a three-some. And if I did, I would want it to be with me and 2 guys, and probably not my husband. I would love to be able to have sex with other men while being married and have it be okay. But it’s not. And I would most likely want sex with other men I care about, not just random men. How is that even possible? It’s not. I mean it is, if you make that happen. I love my husband and he would not be okay with me having sex with other men. As I would not be okay with him having sex with other women. Or would I? I don’t know, it may depend. I may not even care.

I do think that a marriage between 2 people is amazing and is really rewarding. But I am still not convinced that this is how it should be. I don’t think it’s natural to be with one person your entire life and all eternity.

With that said, DH and I had “nasty talk night sex”, and it was kinky, sensual, a turn on and fun.


I am sitting in bed, writing my posts of the past three days and feeling horny. She is sitting at the desk on the other side of the room, naked, writing her posts. I so wish that she was sitting here next to me so I could grab her and kiss her and make love to her.

Then the baby wakes up… DW’s cousin has a newborn that sleeps 8 hours straight. Her sister’s youngest started sleeping through the night at 2 months. WTF. Why did all of our kids insist on waking up every 2-3 hours???

After baby is back in his crib, I attack DW before she can leave the bed and go back to the computer! We snuggle up to each other and start to kiss, and of course it feels super good. I am lusting after her body hardcore and¬†I dedicate fondling, caressing, and kissing every inch of her body. I am pleasantly surprised that she is letting me do this for so long. She is ticklish (seems like in a good way), giggling, and squirming, and getting covered in goose bumps…. and WET.

After a little bit, she grabs my penis and pushes it into her vagina and we are having sex. It is feeling really great and seems to be turning her on a lot too. I am always so much more “into it” when she is turned on and showing it. Before too long, I am ready to cum and it is a powerful one. My body spasms as I am doing the final thrusts while my orgasm is building and it is concentrated in the tip of my penis. It explodes and I am left totally weak from the pleasure.

She¬†doesn’t¬†want to use the Lelo tonight, and that makes sense. I can imagine it must be really frustrating when it doesnt work that well. We snuggle up together though and fall asleep with a smile.

Day 14

Holy crap! Did you know you can get vibrators through Walgreens?! Masturbation devices for men and women and pleasure pieces to share together? Wow, it’s a whole new world. I just looked up You can get a Vibrating Mini Personal Massager with 1 accompanying condom for $13.23. We just paid $120.oo for our Lelo that I was hoping would send me through the roof!¬† Damnit.

We were working on a few of our blog entries from this week to catch up when 12:30 am rolls around and baby wakes up. I’m breast feeding thinking, hmmm, maybe DH should just come from behind, then we could go to bed. Aaah! No! Just kidding! I did that once with our first when it was a desperate morning moment. I should’ve said no, but I didn’t, and it’s all good, nobody got hurt. I have heard later that some women like it, so to each her own.

Tonight’s sex was fun! DH started kissing my back, and basically attacked my entire body with kisses and tickles. I don’t think he’s done that since we were dating, and not quite like that either. It was fun and new. It’s something I might get bugged about because I would be crying with tickle tantrum, but I really liked it. It turned out that he spent most of it on my back side, all over my back, and the back of my neck, which I love and basically went crazy.¬† It felt good but also so very ticklish that I could hardly handle it. I could not stop laughing and giggling, and I thought any minute that the baby would wake up. Tonight we didn’t have the white noise on, a first, which was awesome!!!

DH started going for the vagigi area (I just can’t say pussy! even though I may say that during our sex or love making sessions). He was caressing labia and inner thighs but then he goes too quickly to the clitoris or vagina opening and it doesn’t feel good anymore, actually hurts a little. That doesn’t usually happen, but it can and does sometimes. I’m bummed it turns to that, but I think to myself, talk to him later about it. I end up going for his penis and putting it inside of me. I should’ve spent more time on me. I think maybe I could’ve cum with the touching and caressing, but it wasn’t feeling good so I changed it to the dick enter vagina phase. This phase does feel good and at one point think that he’s hitting my g-spot and maybe if we kept it there for a while I would have had a vagina orgasm, but we change it up.

We start kissing and he goes for the lick first. I hate that. I tell him so. “Don’t lick me, I hate that.” Eeeks. I didn’t mean to say it during the sex. The past week since we’ve been DOing it so much, I have wanted to talk to him about him using his tongue before his lips outside the love making. Especially since last weekend when feelings were hurt. I have told him this in the past that I don’t like it when he does this. He doesn’t do it all the time. When he did it the first time when we were dating I thought this was probably a one time thing. I tried to tell him throughout the years with little nudges here and there, and I am pretty sure I talked to him about it. It is not all the time and not every time we kiss or make love. But once in a while he starts kissing me tongue first, then lips, and it bugs me. I don’t know why I don’t like it. He must’ve learned it from someone. Or he just loves doing it and it turns him on. But I thought I was clear that I don’t like it. But how do you ask your partner to stop doing something they might really love and that turns them on? I try to not make it a big deal and forget about it and focus on the other things that turn me on, but it always throws me for a loop

We move on. And the love making session is great. He ends it with the jerky thing again. We laugh. I ask him what the jerky thing is about. He explains it’s not that he is trying to do it faster, but his body just starts doing it. It’s the second time. DH said it was a good orgasm, I trust that it was, but curious what this new movement is.

I decide to go to bed again, with no orgasm. My choice, my loss.


Lucky 13

If every other day has been a busy day, today was a Holy Fuck Non-Stop Busy day.

DW is in a book club where once a year, each member gets a chance to host, providing dinner and a venue for conversation. Each member takes tremendous personal pride in how their event goes and it is a really big deal. I get a huge kick out of seeing DW have an incredible book club night when it is her turn. And this is that night. So, we spent the entire day together, on our feet, finalizing the preparations, cleaning the house, and cooking the feast. (And cleaning up afterwards.) As always, book club night was a fantastic success and everyone was raving over her dinner.

By the time the last guest headed home at One-Something in the morning we were exhausted. I had actually¬†almost gone to sleep an hour or so previously with the rationale that DW would hopefully wake me up by sucking on my penis while I slept, or some other male fantasy like that. But there was a pile of laundry on the bed that needed to be folded and there were still dishes from their dinner in the sink to put in the washer. And I’m a nice guy……

We tidy up a little and get into bed. I joke that maybe we could just put it in for a “minute” and call it good. We snuggle up together though and lay facing each other on our side, kissing and fondling. It feels yummy and good and we start to have sex in this sideways position. My back begins to hurt a little so I move up to straddle her lower leg with her leg laying across my lap. It is feeling REALLY good and the combination of her leg laying over and tight wet pussy are hitting all the right spots on my dick.¬†Kind of like this but with the leg down, not up…

After I cum she is feeling like it too and we get Lelo out of the bag. It takes forever and a little longer. I am doing all I can think of to help by caressing and fondling but nothing seems to be working. After quite a while, she turns it off with a whispered “dammit!” Lelo has failed us. It is time to go shopping for a more effective vibe. Dang.

Day 13

Of all the nights thus far with the new baby, Monday night was the worst. Baby is teething and has gotten a cold from his brother and has snot running down his nose now. Baby boy was up every 45 min. throughout the night. I didn’t think it could get any worse. I am feeling things crashing around me. I am tired, exhausted and I am feeling a constant reminder of the commitment I made to myself and my husband, but mostly myself.

I was the host for my bookclub last night. We were organizing, cleaning, and making food all day in preparation for the evening. And all the while trying to juggle two sick kids and going to sport activities with the two oldest. Oh yeah, and some work for my DH.  Somehow I pushed through the day with several hours of sleep. I was too tired to go walking in the morning but not too bummed about it, and it happened to be raining. Excuses, excuses.

After a great bookclub, and the last of the ladies left by 12:30am or so, I knew what DH and I still had to do. Luckily I have the greatest husband in the world, and most people know this, but DH cleaned all the dishes and kitchen up while us ladies were chatting. So that was out of the way. But sex wasn’t. It’s sad that I have to get Sex out of the way. But it’s feeling like that these past few days. This is going to be a great test of endurance of body and mind.

We came to bed with baby asleep and white noise. We wrap our naked selves around each other and lay exhausted. I think to myself just before and during this snuggle at what a great thing to have promised to have sex everyday. Even if the sex doesn’t turn out right or we don’t finish, or we fall asleep in snuggle position, at least we made a conscious decision to think about each other in this way each day or night. To come, and not necessarily cum, together and be ONE. To turn to one another in bed and say, HI. To acknowledge the existence and give thoughts of intimacy towards one another, even if for a few minutes.

We snuggle and it is nice and comfortable and I want to fall asleep, but lying there naked we always start to touch each other or rub each other. And so we do. We are also able to KISS, which I love, it always helps with getting in the mood, which leads to rubbing or tickling etc, etc. We stay in the side position which is a favorite of mine, and I could stay like that, but we have to move on. We go to some sort of side position which is fun, and he ends up cumming with me thrusting a certain way.

I’m in the mood to have an orgasm, since I didn’t the last two nights. It’s so late and I’m so tired that I go for the vibrator. I don’t know why I think the vibrator is faster, because the LELO is NOT! So frustrating! I end up throwing the lelo down and getting up to take a shower. UGh. I reach the total climax of an orgasm ready to spill over about 15 times and then nothing, nada, no feeling, it’s gone, the feeling is gone. So I start over again, get vibe into a good position, relax, get in the mood, get into my body, get into my vagina, the process! One or two times I start to fantasize for a second or two, but that doesn’t work, get back to the feelings and how my clitoris is feeling. Okay, maybe just 10 ‘almost orgasms’, but it seemed like 100. I was done. Cuss the Lelo! I need a new vibrator! 1-800-walmart.